If you are injured by an uninsured driver, the consequences can be severe unless you have uninsured motorist protection on your policy. You could be stuck paying the excess medical bills if there is no coverage, and you will not be able to get any money for your pain and suffering from the insurance company.

Call Aleksander Law Office, PLLC for a free no obligation case evaluation when the worst happens. The question of coverage is usually the preliminary question that must be resolved before moving on with the case. All possible sources should be considered, including other policies in the household.

When Injured by an uninsured driver, the police should charge such drivers criminally for failure to maintain insurance. Yet, this does not always happen. Sometimes, the crook will provide a fake or expired insurance card and you won’t know it until it’s too late. Police should verify the insurance at the scene of the accident. When you find out later that the driver provided false or expired insurance, you should call the police. Unfortunately it is not guaranteed that the police will do much to chase down the criminal after the fact.

When you get hit and injured by an Uninsured Driver (no insurance) or an Underinsured Driver (limits are not enough to cover your damages), then you should check the declarations page of your insurance policy. In Kentucky insurance companies are required by law to offer you the UM/UIM coverage, unless you rejected in writing. It is very important that all sources of coverage are explored, including policies of other people living with you in your household.


  • Moped & Electric Low Speed Scooter – a person is considered a pedestrian
  • ATVS & Golf Carts- not considered a “motor vehicle” for purposes of MVRA
  • Motorcycles are motor vehicles and PIP and UM/UIM coverage is optional
  • Farm Tractor- not an automobile for purposes of MVRA

MVRA stands for in case you are wondering Kentucky’s Motor Vehicles Reparations Act

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