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    Slip & Fall and Premises Liability Attorney in Louisville Kentucky

    Slip and falls occur when you walk into a supermarket and fall on a wet and slippery floor, or you slip on a banana peel and fall in a place of business or in someone’s home. Slip &Falls are just one type of injury that is broadly referred to as Premises Liability Law.

    Premises Liability can be anything and if you have been injured on someone’s property you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries including lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium,  incurred expenses, medical bills, and maybe even punitive damages.

    Premises Liability Law in Kentucky is replete with technicalities and having a knowledgeable attorney is extremely important. I can help you evaluate your claim. Chose your lawyer wisely, because not all premises liability cases are easy to settle and you need a dedicated lawyer who knows what she is doing and believes in your claim.

    Does everyone in the world owe you a duty of care? Maybe, but probably not.

    The extent of the duty owed to you depends on your status on the property.

    In Kentucky you can be one of three: 1) Invitee, 2) Licensee, or 3) Trespasser. If you have been injured due to tripping or falling on someone’s business premises or in someone’s house, you may be eligible to get compensation for you injuries including the payment of you medical bills, reimbursement for any wages lost, and compensation for pain and suffering.

    So why do the above distinctions matter? It depends on how you are on the property. If you are a customer then you are an invitee. Even if you are there to benefit, as long as you are there for a business purpose that benefits the owner of the property, then you are an invitee and a higher duty of care is owed to you the duty is higher than just ordinary care, the property owner owes you a duty to prevent the harm from happening. If the property owner breached that duty of care and caused your injury to happen then you have a claim against the property owner. If you merely have permission to be on the premises, then you maybe a Licensee. Licensees are allowed in but they are not there for the benefit of the owner. For example, you are walking down the street and its raining really hard, you walk into a nearby office building and you wait in the lobby. It could be argued that you are somewhere between a licensee and trespasser, but more likely a licensee if the doorman sees you but says nothing and the public is allowed in. If something happens to you there for example you slip on the wet floor, then the duty owed to you would be a duty of care. If you are a social guest in someone’s home then you are probably a Licensee. It is important to speak with a lawyer about your claim. Your status on the premises can change depending on what happens there and all facts must be analyzed. Trespassers are on the property without permission, the landowner must not intentionally injure the trespassers.


    As you probably learned slip&falls can be serious and people have slipped and fallen resulting in serious injuries such as fractures and broken bones, but besides the slip &falls, premises liability involves many other harms. You may have a premises liability claim if your injury was caused to you intentionally, recklessly, or negligently on someone’s property.

    Negligent security, assault on business premises, food poisoning in a restaurant, fallen objects from shelves in a store or a warehouse, fallen items, employees or landowners being extremely rude and outrageous to you making you endure extreme emotional distress.

    There are many more examples. If you’ve been injured  on someone’s property you need to speak with a lawyer now. Timing is important in these types of cases, because evidence must be gathered quickly and preserved for trial.

    Places where Premises Liability Claim Could Occur:

    • Malls, Stores, Supermarkets, Movie Theaters, Stadiums, Gyms, Hospitals, Schools, and Daycare.
    • Hotels
    • Bars and Restaurants
    • Parking Lots
    • Amusement Parks
    • Private Houses and Apartment Complexes
    • Your workplace
    • Statute of Limitations

     Causes of Injury:

    • Wet Floors with no warning signs posted
    • Sticky substance on the floor
    • Hidden dangers unknown to you but known or should have been known to the landowner
    • Unevenly paved sidewalks, cracks on driveways
    • Poorly lit or broken stairs, lack of guardrails on staircase
    • Toxic and harmful substances or fumes

    What Should you Do Right After your Injury?

    • Get medical attention
    • Obtain an incident report, record everything that happens on video, photograph the scene, get copies of the incident report, inform the person in charge if one is available that you will be needing a video if one is available.
    • Contact an attorney to discuss your claim.

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    Beware your claim is only good for a certain amount of time. After that time expires, your claim becomes time barred and will be lost forever. It is therefore essential that you contact an attorney and file your slip and fall claim as soon after the injury as possible.

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